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Stephanie Zinone is my hero.

that’s the problem. we’re all trying to outfox the fox.

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Alexander Roshchin

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Ten in the mornin and i’m skipping breakfast
And drinking a beverage to ignore it all
'Cause ignorance is bliss and I've come to embrace it
It’s all overrated
Except drugs and alcohol

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veronica mars + snark [2/?]

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This is why they’re all laughing at us America.

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"If I want the curly fries I will have the curly fries" by Misha


Happy Monday, everyone!  What’s the second-best part of Monday? Why, a new Post Production Fan Art piece of course!  Today’s piece comes to you from Misha and is of the very handsome Sheriff Stilinski!



Misha has done a whole series of portraits of the Teen Wolf characters, but for some reason this one spoke to us the loudest.  It might have been the eyebrow…image

Ah yes, definitely the eyebrow.  We love it!

Thanks, Misha!!

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